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Discovery Kids - ديسكفرى كيدز

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قناة كابل رقمية خاصة للاطفال مملوكة ل ديسكفري كومنيكيشن تقدم برامج تلفزيونية عن التعليم للأطفال. وقد بدأ العمل بها في أكتوبر 1996. بثت برامج للأطفال مع التركيز على المغامرات الواقعية، والطبيعة، والعلوم والحياة البرية من جميع أنحاء العالم.


Discovery Kids is a brand name owned by Discovery Communications. Starting as a television segment within the Discovery channel, which aired shows such as Mystery Hunters, the brand was expanded as a separate television channel. The brand was expanded into different areas since then. Most of the channels worldwide were either rebranded as or replaced by another, but the brand still exists as the website for children's activities and as the consumer products aimed at children.


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