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to watch FX TV Channel. Other than this, in several other countries the name "FX" has been licensed to many pay TV channels.
Originally FX, was designed as "fX", it was launched on 1st June, 1994. fX used to do the broadcasting from the big apartment located in Flatiron District of Manhattan and now the headquarters of the channel is Irving, Texas. In 1994, fX was the primary adopter of embracing E-mails, internet and World Wide Web to get the feedback. Many shows of the network were featured for quick responses towards the E-mailed questions but the one special show named Backchat was totally devoted for responding to the mails of viewers. The viewer base of fX was very much loyal, but unfortunately the budget of the network was very much high for modest nationwide authorization which the channel was being received. Paradoxically, fX's first incarnation was not available even on Time Warner Cable, which is New York City's one of the main cable systems, from where its programs originated. After few years, in the early 1997, he channel fX was launched again by the name of "FX: Fox Gone Cable" again focusing upon the target audience of the channel i.e. men of age 18-49 years. The channel again arose as a main force in original cable programs.
FX has choose to take some risks with its programs, dissimilar to many other broadcast networks, and decided to push the restrictions of what can be shown to TV hence as a result of it most of the programs of the channel are allotted TV-MA ratings, frequently for sexual or violent content and strong profanity. These shows have been strongly and critically acclaimed due to their strong characters and storylines. Two comedy series were debuted by FX in 2005's summer, named Starved and Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia. FX again debuted its two new series in the year 2006, named Black. White which was the reality series and a drama named "Thief", but unfortunately none of the two series were picked up for the second season. In the year 2007, three new dramas were introduced by FX; Dirt, The Riches and Damages. All of the three programs did perform very well in the ratings and were also renewed for their second seasons. By the year 2008, the availability of FX reached to almost 90.6 million households in US. In the year 2008, FX debuted a new drama series named Sons of Anarchy which was produced by Kurt Sutter. It became a very commercial and critical success and in 2014 it was aired for seven seasons. On 30th January, 2013, drama The Americans was being premiered by FX and on 1st June, 2014, the 20th anniversary of the programs were celebrated by FX. Now you can watch FX TV Live Streaming and can enjoy your favorite shows through FX TV Live Streaming which is being offered on our website. We also offers our viewers to watch FX TV online whenever and wherever they want and can enjoy their spare time. 

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FX (em pé para a Fox estendido, sugerindo "efeitos") é o nome de uma série de canais pagos de televisão relacionados que pertence ao grupo News Corporation Fox Entretenimento.

O canal mais populares programas originais são The Shield, Nip / Tuck, Damages, Rescue Me, Sons of Anarchy, Horror Story Justified e americanos, bem como as comédias É sempre ensolarado em Filadélfia, Louie, A Liga, Wilfred e Archer. Além de novos episódios de sua série em curso, o canal vai ao ar, principalmente re-corre originalmente transmitido pela Fox na década de 1990 e 2000.

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